Volunteer Opportunities on the KP

Did you know that volunteering makes a person healthier and happier by giving purpose to your life? It can relieve stress, increase self-esteem, and connect you to the community. There are many groups and organizations on the Key Peninsula looking for volunteers.

  • Angel Guild Thrift Shop – Call (253) 884-9333 or find us on Facebook.
  • Key Pen It Clean – roadside litter cleanups. Find us on Facebook. Email: Mary at mmoffett393@gmail.com
  • Key Peninsula Beautification Project – help beautify your community. Find us on Facebook. Email: Kathy at kilyons@msn.com
  • Key Peninsula Civic Center (KPCC) – help with events and fundraisers. Promotes welfare of the KP community and encourages participation in constructive projects that improve our community. Phone: (253) 884-3456 Email: coordinator@kpciviccenter.org Website: kpciviccenter.org
  • Key Peninsula Public Safety Committee – Promotes safety in the KP community. Find us on Facebook.
  • Longbranch Improvement Club – Provide an opportunity for the community to meet, interact and work together for mutual benefit. Phone: (253) 200-0308 Email: board@licweb.org Website: licweb.org/
  • The Red Barn Youth Center – after-school program for KP youth.
    : (253) 884-1594
    Website: redbarnkp.org